In memoriam Fredy Moder

In memoriam Fredy ModerOur beloved secretary general has left us. Fredy Moder passed away on November 13th. Everything passed so sudden and one of our board members was in contact with him the day before. Fredy attended his first FEGAT event in Taranto, Italy, 1988. In 1993 he was elected to the board of FEGAT and he has since then served as secretary general. He was a part in the new FEGAT from the first day, bringing modern methods into the work in the board and we all know how well everything worked when Fredy was responsible. Our website is his “child” and we now must continue the maintenance of the site to honour his memory. The quick results on the web after every race in a championship was also his signum. 10 minutes after he received a result list people all over the world could see the result!

Fredy had a big heart for his origin Graubünden high up in the Swiss alpes. His native tongue was “rumantsch”, a language spoken by only 50000 people in the world and only 30000 as main language. He was a teacher of this language and it was important to him to keep the language living. Fredy had a wish to rest in Graubünden and he is buried in Celerina on a graveyard beautifully situated with endless views over valleys and mountains.

When it was known to us harness racing lovers I received condolences from the whole world. He was well known as a person and a man of honour and capacity. He can never be replaced, he was unique.

Fredy died to early but he has left us with wonderful memories of a man who was devoted to things he was interested in. He will rest in peace and he will remain a light memory for all of us knowing him!

Claës-L. Ljung
President of FEGAT